So most of us have seen the Google StreetView vehicle zipping about Dublin since maybe May last year. Its a white Jaguar jeep… with a couple of distinctive cameras on the roof… and “Google Maps” emblazoned on it – trust me, you’d notice it.
In this modern digital age, the lads don’t have to process the film and splice the films together. And its all automated, georeferenced and the drivers music playlist is possibly added too, but hoepfully no wifi sniffing.
However they’re pushing the ISO of whatever sensor they’re using to insane levels as they’re cruising Pearse Street in wintry December lights – it’s looks insane and makes life utterly unrecognisable. No doubt there’s a quality filter need to be added to their workflow so as not to accept 8000ISO and tell the drivers to park up at 4pm in December.
Still always lovely to see a different take on Dublin 🙂