Timelapse Solutions

Epic Projects. Keystone Moments. Highlight Reels. We're not married to one system or one application. We bring a vast understanding of possibilities and tailor a solution to your project's requirements. High quality DSLR-based timelapses – making the building process look as every bit impressive as it should



360º Photography and Design

Matterport, Google Business on StreetView, bespoke hosted 360º Tours, eLearning platforms, experiential sales platforms. We've shot 360º projects for Aviva, Liverpool FC, Chevrolet, RBS and many more. We find the solution for your project – can assist with our experience on what can be dizzying range of possibilities. Trust us – Google does



CineMosaic /// InstaMosaics

Harnessing the gargantuan. Capturing 1,000s and 1,000s of snapshots from photos, posts, celluloid and more. Then making interactive online mosaics that your followers can endlessly scroll through. Create enormous – no, wait, bigger – wall art that will stop anyone in their tracks, make their jaws drop, and gaze unendingly.



Creative Technologist

The application of photography in projects. Running across Automation, Social Media, Live Events, Remote DSLRs, 360º AR/VR, Campaigns, 3D, Mapping, Machine Learning, The Bleeding Edge. Practical real world implementation, consumer behaviours and psychology, coding and data analysis. RasPi, Arduino, OpenCV, Hacking, Tinkering, Experimenting, Pretty Pictures, Shareable Epic Moments, Effective Results



timelapse /// 360º /// mosaics /// 3D /// live /// remote /// automation

Digital media done better

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Creative Elements

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Content Creation

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True Responsiveness

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Longterm construction projects, 4k footage, broadcast ready, automated uploads

360º Photography

Google Business Tours, Matterport, bespoke 360º tours, eLearning platforms, 360º video


Interactive mosaics, enormous wall prints, social media or event photography, cine-mosaics


Creative technology. Long and short term projects: AR/VR, streamline workflow, user engagement, Computer Vision, AI, machine learning

Total Design Freedom

Smart and effective

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