So we’ve been tinkering under the bonnet of the workhorses here, and certainly not for the first time. macOS has been a favoured friend for many a moon, but their hardware has a tendency, nay ‘built in obsolescence,’ that’s plain wrong on all levels.
So we’ve been hackintoshing since 10.4, or since Snow Tiger Mountain Pray Dragon. We’ve rebooted an infinite amount of times, verbosing most of them, some of us have hair left from those days, some of us just nails.
Then TonyMac came along and made everything easy, straight forward, follow a guide – DO NOT PAINT OUTSIDE THE LINES. Rebuild and power rebuild. Awesome results. Monster upgradeable machines with grunt and room for more. Overclocking – get in! Then an update, and cursing Nvidia and Apple and leaving us all out to dry while Graphics driver fell between two egos.
So now looking at new paths to get the results wanted on owned and specified hardware and robust pretty OS, hello OpenCore.
So far this look like a rather considered and wonderful way to make computing work like you want to. Never one for the faint hearted this looks like the tonic our collective hair and nails needed.
Arise Intel and your layered threads once more!
[Definitely doing a Ryzen build on this year – going to be proper insane]